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Foundations Course Outline « Chrysalis Circle

Foundations of Wicca

Sometimes called, a “Year and a Day” course, the Foundations course will take the student through Three Trimesters (Trines) of 9 class meetings each –Iron, Stone, and Wood – 27 classes total, with the final class being a continuation ritual written entirely by students. Classes will include discussion, lecture, homework, crafting, meditation, and may span more than one session.  Read this page and then contact us.

Foundations will include different levels of knowledge taught depending on class, and even within classes, a different level for individual subjects.
Awareness Familiarity Competence Mastery

Subjects are an indeterminate number of weeks based on subject matter and interest level.

Orientation, Study Skills, and Ethics

  • Orientation: Attendance, fees, expectations, etc.
  • Homework: Makeup work, extra-curricular work, suggested booklist, responsibilities and etiquette, behavior, how to credit your study material.
  • Ethics: Wiccan Rede, Consequences, Karma, Philosophy, Re-incarnation – (I.E. Hindu vs. Wiccan) (Includes addition to Book of Shadows – Wiccan Rede with interpretation)


  • History: Comparative Traditions, Re-constructionists, Cults- Ancient and Modern definitions, Bonewits ABC chart, Charges of the God/Goddess, Burning Times (Witch Trial), Anthropology.

Elements and Correspondences

  • Description, Comparative systems of elements – Chinese, Native American, etc. vs. Wiccan, Laws of Magick by Simon Magus (the Law of Association), Science of The Craft. Elementals, Animals, Directions, Times of day, Seasons, Aspects, Colors (Includes addition to Book of Shadows – Table of your own)

Wheel of the Year – Sabbats

  • Sabbats: (Includes addition to Book of Shadows – Wheel with personal interpretation)

Wheel of the Year – Esbats

  • Esbats, Moons: Full, New, Dark, Blue, Black; Rites of Passage
  • Magickal timings: God and Goddess times of year, astrological elements (Includes addition to Book of shadows of Phases of Moon with personal interpretation)


  • Physical tools: Care and Feeding, Selection, Attuning, Charging, Cleansing, Disposal
  • Tools of the Craft: Wands, Staffs, Dowsing Rods; Swords, Athames, Bolines, Cauldron, Chalice, Wells, Vessels, Bowls, Pentacle (Iron Warrior), Stones, Crystals, Robes, Ritual Jewelry, Scourge, Cords.


  • Natural World and Ethereal Plane: Using, Sensing, Chakras, Grounding, Centering, Shielding, Balancing, Raising, Releasing, Cleansing, Healing (Synergy with others); People, Elementals, Familiars, Nature, Spirits

Herbs and Stones

  • Grow, Cultivate, Harvest, Store, Use; Forms: Parts of the plant, dried, fresh, preserved; Tincture, Oils, Incense; Purposes: Medicinal, Poisonous, Contraindications and Cautions, Magical, Culinary; Correspondences to Elements, Deities, Astrology


  • Gods, Goddesses; Comparative Pantheons; Mythical Creatures; Elementals (basic), Archetypes; invoking and releasing.

Meditation and Trance

  • Basic Meditation Techniques; Discussion of Drawing Down; Pathworking; Discussion of Aspecting; Journeying; Daily Practice


  • Dream work, Astrology (timings-wheel), Shamanic Stone Divination, Shamanic Divination, Tarot, Scrying, Pendulums, Runes (Witch, Oghams, Nordic, and otherwise)

Spell Crafting

  • Timing, Correspondences, Ethics, Intent, Consequences

Ritual Crafting

  • The typical formation of ritual: Preparation as part of energy raising, Creating Sacred Space, Asperging, Annointing, Smudging, Casting Circle, Invoking Elements, Evoking Deities, Grounding/Centering Statement of Ritual Intent, Ritual Working, Celebration, Meditation, Cakes and Ale, Devoking Deities, Releasing Elements, Opening Circle, Feasting.
  • Energy raising through Bardic Arts: Mythic Drama, Chant, Poetry, Song, Drumming, Music, Dance

Suggested Library for students
Complete Book of Witchcraft-
Raymond Buckland
Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner-
Scott Cunningham
True Magic- and Ritual Craft- Amber K
Crystal Bible- Judy Hall
Path of the Shaman- Michael Harner
Rituals of the Dark Moon- Gail Wood
Creating Circles and Ceremonies-
Oberon Zell
Current year We’Moon
365 Goddess- Patricia Telesco
Trance-Portation- Diana Paxson
Teacher reference
Drawing Down the Moon- Margot Adler
Science of the Craft- William H. Keith
Triumph of the Moon- Ronald Hutton
Dark Side of Christian History-
Helen Elerbee
Aradia: Gospel of the Witches-
Charles Leland
Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients-
Lexa Rosean
Garden Witchery- Ellen Dugan
Astrology Bible- Judy Hall
Teacher- suggested reference books-
1+ per class.
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