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Definitions of Wiccan Study « Chrysalis Circle

Definitions of Wiccan Study

Chrysalis Circle

Wicca Basics

8 weeks study that introduces the concepts of Wicca.

Foundations of Wicca

For the student that has achieved basic level and wants to know more details and learn more to understand what Wicca means to them.

A Foundations Student has:

  • A good understanding of morals, ethics, and circle etiquette
  • A basic understanding of the history of paganism
  • A basic understanding of the coven and the roles within it
  • A basic understanding of the wheel of the year
  • A basic understanding of the god and goddess
  • A basic understanding of religious mythology
  • The ability to perform simple meditation techniques
  • A superficial view of various divination techniques
  • A basic understanding of the magical tools
  • The ability to cast a basic circle
  • A basic understanding of the four elements
  • A basic understanding of the theory of magic
  • A basic understanding of rituals i.e. write and present one
  • A basic understanding of different traditions
  • Learn the meaning and magickal uses of the basic ritual tools: athame, wand, chalice and pentacle.
  • Knowledge to do ritual both with tools and as unencumbered ritual.
  • A Book of Shadows in some form.
  • Willingness to study for learning more about yourself and even deeper practice in your daily life.
  • Mastery of the basic energies
  • The ability to comfortably and confidently cast a basic circle
  • The ability to create and perform religious and magical rituals
  • the ability to balance your masculine/feminine energies
  • Developed social skills necessary to work with a spiritual group in a more intensive way.

Completion of the Foundations of Wicca course also prepares a student for 1st degree work

Framework of Wicca

For the student that has decided on this Path and wants to develop deeper practices to make it part of their lives and deepening the connection to their spirituality.

A Framework Student has:

  • A basic understanding of psychic self defense techniques
  • To design at least one New Moon Esbat, one Diana’s Bow Esbat, one Full Moon Esbat and one Dark Moon Esbat.
  • To begin to learn to blend your energy with the groups’ and to develop a Group Mind.
  • To assist in creating an astral temple for your group
  • To actively associate with the other members of the group by attending at least 75% of Group functions over a period to be determined and participate in the  Foundations of Wicca Course (again, attending at least 75% of the rituals.
  • To attend open moon rituals and rites of passages when possible.
  • To establish and maintain warm, positive relationships with others in your group.
  • To socialize with members of the group outside of formal group functions.
  • Organize at least one group social function on your own initiative.
  • To enhance your empathy and learn to respond constructively to the feelings of others.
  • To demonstrate that you can work in harmony and cooperation with others by participating in the consensus process within your group.
  • To learn to take responsibility for your emotions and how you express and transform them.
  • To demonstrate your progress by meeting at least one self-set goal aimed towards improving your overall social skills and psychological well-being.

Yes, we have a Coven.
Degree work is for those interested in the Chrysalis Circle Tradition.

Moving towards a 1st degree – Initiate

  • After you have reached the Dedicant phase of study, attend and actively participate in the Coven meetings (in a non-voting capacity) and give your input in a constructive manner.
  • Write at least one Sabbat ritual or one Rite of Passage with the group.
  • Write at least one Sabbat ritual and one Rite of Passage on your own.
  • In partnership with a more experienced Priest/ess, lead one Sabbat celebration or Rite of Passage.
  • Be willing to take the required oaths.
  • Ask for Initiation.
  • Receive the endorsement of your mentor that you are ready to be initiated into the First Degree.
  • In an interview with the mentors, satisfy them that you have met all the requirements above.
  • Be prepared to complete a challenge designed especially for you.
  • Be invited to join the Chrysalis Circle Coven.

1st Degree – Covener

This is a Commitment to learning and developing further.

  • Establish a daily practice
  • Demonstrate all skills appropriate at this level.
  • Choose a set of defined personal goals and begin working to achieve them.
  • Document your progress in your BoS/BoL/BoQ or personal magickal journal.
  • Perform a cleansing and blessing ceremony in your home, ward it properly, and create a home or personal altar.

Moving towards a 2nd degree

  • Mentor a candidate for First-Degree initiation.
  • Be willing to take the required oaths.
  • Ask for Initiation.Receive the endorsement of your mentor that you are ready to be initiated into the Second Degree.
  • Earn the unanimous agreement of your coven that you live according to the Wiccan Rede, that your participation brings the coven closer to perfect love and perfect trust and that your life in general honors the Divine, exemplifies the ideals of your spiritual path and is consistent with the principles of the Chrysalis Circle Tradition.
  • In an interview with the Coven, satisfy the coven that you have met all the requirements above.
  • Be prepared to complete a challenge designed especially for you.

2nd Degree – Priest/ess

Commitment to teaching and giving more of yourself to the community.

  • Practice and teach others about Wicca Spiritual and ethical development
  • Working relationship with one particular deity or aspect
  • Ability to call down a deity
  • Ability to perform some type of healing
  • Examine person motives, energies, and reasons for your actions
  • Set and meet personal development goals
  • Good working relationship with one spiritual ally
  • Good working ability with at least one divination technique
  • Decide upon a path working
  • Comfortably and confidently cast a circle with only one energy
  • Master the four basic ritual tools
  • Ability to use ritual tools in the four quarters
  • Develop working with the abilities of the elementals in their element. You should be equivalent to the elementals to increase your knowledge and experience with them
  • Good working relationship with each type of elemental
  • Basic ability to astral travel
  • Improve the second degree shield outside of yourself on the physical and astral planes.

Moving towards 3rd Degree

Intensive study and learning more about the Mysteries, Counseling, Leadership, and Community Work – Improve the abilities of a Priest/ess.

3rd Degree – High Priest/ess

Living the Wiccan life.


  • Understand group dynamics and either form your own group or help run a group
  • Dedicate yourself to a particular deity or aspect
  • Dedicate yourself to a particular goal or task


  • Know thyself
  • Understand and incorporate your dark side into your total being

Advanced energies

  • Devise advanced shields
  • Improve skills with advanced energies
  • Create shields on each of the four elemental planes
  • Improve skills with astral travel
  • Travel the outer planes
  • Shape shift at a thought
  • Knowledge of tantric and sexual magic
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